Photo on 1-19-16 at 7.04 PM #2

Joy Jarrett, who finds referring to herself in the third person as awkward, has always wanted nothing more than to be a writer. She says the words, “a writer” in the same dramatic fashion as the teacher in  A Christmas Story when she assigns, “a theme” to her class. If you know what she means by this, she likes you already. She lives in Colorado with her English husband who she originally married for his James Bond accent, but now keeps around because she’s gotten quite attached to him. They have three wonderful children who are sometimes even wonderful all at the same time. To reflect her active lifestyle, Joy owns two pugs. Some believe her cat is her secret ghost writer judging by how often the creature can be found lying (working?) on Joy’s laptop. She is a member of RWA and Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers and active in a critique group. In her free time, she likes reading (duh), printing off healthy recipes she has no intention of cooking, and playing nerdy German-style boardgames.

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