My Books

Dear Reader,

Thank you so much for stopping by my website. When I began my journey as a writer, I remember being told to write in the genre I most like to read. That was so tricky for me because I enjoy romance, thrillers, mysteries, a dash of horror, a little sci-fi, and some fantasy. The books I love most tend to cross genres. I agonized over what to write for a while until I decided that, like my reading tastes, my writing would be eclectic too.

If you’re anything like me, you often find you’re in the mood for a certain kind of book, but can’t find quite the right one to satisfy your craving. When I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted, I wrote it. While my novels might bend a genre or two, you’ll find common elements across them. All my books are romances or have strong romantic elements. They often feature interesting locales from a Scottish castle to a safari park to a remote elk ranch. Animals–whether a lion or a house cat–make starring appearances. And all of them have something Out of the Ordinary–perhaps a ghost or terrifying creature from your nightmares creeps into my pages or a sci-fi premise that changes the world.

Here’s a look at a few of the books I’ve been working on and their mock-up covers with my name, Joy Meredith.


Joy Jarrett


Facing down an escaped lion isn’t exactly Shannon’s idea of a stellar start to her zoo keeping internship in England, nor does it do anything to help her fear of big cats. A leopard attack at her home zoo and a cheating fiancé both left her scarred and afraid in their own ways. She thought Fairbrooke Estate, with its medieval castle and safari park, would provide a fresh start. Instead, Shannon finds fresh trouble when she’s attracted to Liam, the carnivore keeper who mistakenly thinks his carelessness allowed the lion to escape. No one believes Shannon when she claims someone—or something—must have let out the lion.

Strange occurrences continue to plague Shannon. A fire breaks out in the employee housing, forcing her to move into the castle where she’s haunted by an unusual ghost only she can see. Shannon’s been ensnared in a deadly mystery and as her feelings for Liam grow, so do the stakes of the game. Shannon must face her worst fears and in the end, decide if she can trust Liam with her heart—and her life.



For some, history isn’t over, it’s merely sleeping. Avis belongs to a group of humans with genetic mutations that allow them to hibernate indefinitely and even among them, she’s exceptional. Avis is a Revivalist, one of a few able to wake the hibernating. When she discovers the man she loved in the sixteenth century isn’t dead, but sleeping, she’ll risk everything to wake him. What she doesn’t know is if love can survive such a span of time. And sometimes, when you wake the past, you get more than you bargained for.


Old Cravings

When veterinarian Piper’s ex-husband calls up out of the blue, she knows it can’t be anything good. And it isn’t. Her horse–who went with the ranch in their divorce–has been killed and mangled beyond recognition. Much like her and Dylan’s marriage. After a trip to the ranch to investigate, Piper is painfully reminded of the feelings she still has for Dylan. She tries to return to life at her vet clinic in a small mountain town in Colorado. However, it proves impossible as she begins to experience creepy and inexplicable encounters with the local wildlife. Meanwhile, out on Dylan’s ranch, there too, things take a turn for the stranger–and bloodier. When an epic blizzard and a sick colt traps Piper back at the ranch, sending her into Dylan’s arms, it seems fate would see them reunited. But it doesn’t take long to see that something far more evil wants them together for much darker purposes. Suddenly, saving their marriage takes a back seat—to saving their lives.